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For over 100 years, the mining industry has looked to Behre Dolbear for counsel. From exploration and project closure to financial and management consultancy, our experience is as varied as our international client base. What makes us special however, is not just our knowledge, it’s our completely unbiased, impartial and precise advice – which means the only agenda we ever have is yours. To see the extent of our work history, use the map below.



At the Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference 29th April – 2nd May 2018

  • Behre Dolbear Group, Lachlan Broadfoot, CEO (Ch) is chairing the session II-5 TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TODAY – THE FUTURE IS HERE
  • Behre Dolbear organises workshop “Efficient, effective due diligence for modern mining investments”
  • Behre Dolbear sponsors breakfast meeting at the conference
  • Behre Dolbear Group, Bernard ‘Barney’ Guarnera, Director gives presentation on MINING REGULATIONS AND LAW – CHANGES AFFECTING MINING FINANCE
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Newsletter Headlines

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  • Latin America the leading region in new global wave of exploration
  • Samarco mine disaster compensation plan update
  • Deep-sea mining: scientists say collaboration is key
  • London aluminium rises as Rusal rally resumes
  • After crackdown, Philippines plans fresh mining curbs
  • South Africa to Appeal Ruling on Black Ownership of Mines
  • Traders Can’t Decide If Sanctions Are Good Or Bad for Norilsk
  • How gold is improving cancer treatment
  • Bolivia to invest in billion-dollar lithium deal with ACI Systems


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