Behre Dolbear

For over 100 years, the mining industry has looked to Behre Dolbear for counsel. From exploration and project closure to financial and management consultancy, our experience is as varied as our international client base. What makes us special however, is not just our knowledge, it’s our completely unbiased, impartial and precise advice – which means the only agenda we ever have is yours. To see the extent of our work history, use the map below.


Newsletter Headlines

  • Canada and US finalise critical mineral collaboration plan
  • Is digitalisation delivering value for mining companies?
  • BHP looks to India for coal growth as China demand declines
  • ESG Stamp May Help Slash Funding Costs, Lithium Producer Says
  • Sirius buy to put pressure on Anglo’s free cash flow – Moody’s
  • Central Banks Continue “Remarkable” Gold-Buying Spree
  • Apple pushes recycling of iPhone with ‘Daisy’ robot
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