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Behre Dolbear’s Sustainability Policy

Behre Dolbear demonstrates its commitment to the economic and social development of every community in which we live and work.  Every project undertaken by Behre Dolbear’s advisory services is scrutinized for its optimum ability to be sustainable environmentally as well as to benefit the community economically and socially.  Behre Dolbear adheres to the Equator Principles while on a project, and our associates have been active in revisions to this set of rules that companies agree to follow for the betterment of the countries in which they work.  During the past year, Behre Dolbear has worked in 66 countries advising mining companies, investors, law firms, and governments on how the extractive resources of the area could best be developed and sustained.  Below you will find a copy of the Equator Principles and a copy of our recent project list.  In addition, we have included a talk given in Mongolia by Carole Ramsay, MA, MS, MS, a specialist in economics and sustainability.

One of the many pieces to sustainability of a project and the welfare of the surrounding community is the health and safety of those both working on the project and living in the area.  Behre Dolbear has on staff an expert in mine health and safety in H. John Head, P.E., C.Eng.  Mr. Head has 40 years of experience in the mining industry with specific expertise in mine safety and health issues, including litigation support and compliance audits. Mr. Head has conducted safety audits/reviews and accident investigations throughout the world.  His resume is also included below. 

Equator Principles Equator Principles (1023 KB)

Featured Projects Featured Projects (115 KB)

H. John Head's Resume H. John Head's Resume (258 KB)

The Social License to Operate The Social License to Operate (121 KB)

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