Behre Dolbear Group

Management Consulting Services

New opportunities and challenges demand new solutions therefore global competition is creating a new business environment, which requires a new type of business adviser.

Services Include:

Cost Management
  • Do supervisors have access to daily cost information?
  • Do you track cost variances and perform root cause analysis?
  • Are all levels of management aware of their responsibilities with regard to cost management?
Equipment Availability and Reliability
  • Is equipment availability consistently below plan levels?
  • Do you employ a reliability engineer?
  • Does availability of equipment effect utilization?
Physical Asset Management
  • Is there clear asset responsibility for maintenance and operations?
  • Is there a defined PAM strategy?
  • Are performance measures shared by operations, maintenance, and the support groups?
Cash Flow 
  • What is the MRO inventory turn rate?
  • Do you perform post implementation audits on capital projects?
  • Are all levels of management involved in budgeting operating costs?
Organizational Effectiveness
  • Are there more than 4 levels of management between the CEO and the operators?
  • Does your organization employ managers with less than 4 direct reports?
  • Are managers at all level required to obtain annual professional training?
Consistently Meeting Production Forecasts
  • Do you have a formal process for tracking and analyzing production short falls?
  • Is root cause analysis performed on losses greater than a fixed and agreed to level?
  • Do you use real time data for decision making?

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