Behre Dolbear Group

Financial & Strategic Services

In today’s strong commodity markets, equity and debt funding are both available for minerals projects; however, many mineral companies have found that rapid expansion has outpaced their internal capability to pursue and secure advantageous funding opportunities.

Behre Dolbear Capital, Inc., provides a wide range of financial and strategic advisory services to:
  • Exploration, development, and mining companies
  • Smelting and refining companies, mineral consumers
  • Trading companies
  • Financial institutions and governments

Behre Dolbear Capital works closely with clients to ensure the achievement of specific objectives:

  • Merger and acquisition strategy, analysis, and buy and sell-side advisory services
  • Strategic, debt structuring, and risk management advisory services
  • Financial evaluation services
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Commercial and contract structuring and valuation services

As a member of the Behre Dolbear Group of companies, we also provide global access to:

  • An institutional experience that spans more than 100 years
  • Unique relationships with the mining industry’s broad spectrum of stakeholders
  • The Behre Dolbear Group team that not only have a strong technical acumen, but have hands-on experience developing, operating, and managing the world’s mining, smelting, refining, and mineral trading companies

We KNOW the BUSINESS of MiningSM.