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Project: Annual Reserve Audit
Commodity: Platinum
Location: Montana, United States

Behre Dolbear was commissioned to verify the estimated ore reserves at Stillwater Mining Company’s (SMC) Stillwater and East Boulder Mines and adjacent sectors as of December 31, 2006. To accomplish this, Behre Dolbear examined the methodologies used to estimate the tonnage, grade, and ounces of platinum plus palladium at SMC’s properties; the mining and processing methods employed at the two mines and concentrators; and the Company’s smelter/base metal refinery. Behre Dolbear also examined SMC’s long-range mining plans, Ore Reserve Economic Test for the 2006 year-end reserves, and environmental compliance. In addition, Behre Dolbear independently verified specific Control Objectives, which are part of SMC’s Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Internal Control Procedures for Metal Inventory Accounting. (786254)

Project: Exploration Program Review
Commodity: Gold
Location: Ecuador

Behre Dolbear is engaged to conduct a preliminary review of the current exploration work and resource estimate for the Joaquin alluvial placer gold deposit in Ecuador and to make recommendations for further work. (852541)

Project: Royalty Portfolio Evaluation
Commodity: Gold
Location: Global

Behre Dolbear Capital was retained to assist Newmont Mining Corporation in evaluating alternatives for disposal of its royalty assets. The royalty portfolio included a large number of mineral royalties and oil and gas royalties. Specifically, Behre Dolbear was asked to provide a 5-year history and 15-year projection of estimated production volumes by mine as well as by major commodity; and a 5-year history of operating costs by project. Behre Dolbear was also asked to provide an opinion as to the reasonableness of Newmont’s cost projections; a detailed analysis of the Goldstrike and Stillwater projects; a qualitative assessment of the prospects for the “development assets”; and a review of public data highlighting both potential high level risks and upside potential. The evaluation methodology was built around three concepts:

1) identify and focus on the assets that appear to provide the maximum value;
2) test assets for “fatal flaws” and, if none are found, provide estimated values; and
3) use public information and data supplied by Newmont. (854670)

Project: Technical Review and NI 43-101 Report
Commodity: Silver
Location: China

Behre Dolbear was appointed as the “Qualified Person” by Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation to conduct a technical review and prepare an NI 43-101 report on the Xitieshan lead-zinc-silver mine in China. (787035)

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