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Select Projects:

Project: Advisory Services for Feasibility Study of Taconite Project
Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: United States

Behre Dolbear provided advisory services to support development of a full-scale feasibility study for possible refurbishment and rehabilitation of the former Butler Taconite Project near Marble, Minnesota. The study included the mining, concentration, pelletizing, direct ore reduction, and hot roll mill facilities.

Project: Due Diligence Review
Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: Brazil

Behre Dolbear was engaged by a large financial institution to provide a due diligence review of an iron ore property in Brazil. The review included an assessment of local conditions, interviews with site technical staff, and examination of available geologic data (core logs, metallurgical testing, assays, etc.). Additionally, the property was generally assessed for mineability, infrastructure requirements, DNPM permit issues, and other environmental and social issues.

Project: Geological Review and Assessment of an iron Ore Property
Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: Zimbabwe

Behre Dolbear undertook a comprehensive geological analysis of iron ore occurrences in Zimbabwe and assessed the infrastructure requirement capability that would be necessary to bring the property into production for a potential investor.

Project: Geological Review and Assessment of Previous Scoping Studies of an Iron Ore Property
Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Behre Dolbear was commissioned by an investment group to assess the iron ore properties and fully review and update two previous scoping studies, particularly for infrastructure requirements and availability.

Project: Technical Review of Infrastructure, Mine, and Pelletizing Operations
Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: Africa

Behre Dolbear conducted an infrastructure analysis and review of the facilities, pelletizing plants, technologies, and production systems controlled by SNIM, the Mauritanian national iron ore mining company. These studies were aimed at the optimization of the company’s operations and the potential reorganization of the company to facilitate its competitive position in the global iron and steel industries

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