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Project: Environmental and Social Review
Commodity: Copper, Nickel
Location: Philippines

Behre Dolbear was engaged to conduct an environmental and social review of Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation’s mining projects, including the operating Berong nickel laterite mine and the re-opening of the Carmen copper mine in the Philippines. The assignment included a review of applicable environmental, occupational health and safety, and hygiene laws and an operational review with respect to the eight IFC Performance Standards, the provisions of the Equator Principles, IFC and World Bank guidelines, and the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights. In addition, Behre Dolbear reviewed the current construction and rehabilitation activities at the Carmen copper mine and preproduction activities at the Berong nickel laterite “whole ore” mining and shipping operation. (849849)

Project: Fatal Flaw Analysis
Commodity: Copper, Molybdenum
Location: Russia

Behre Dolbear was engaged by a mine operator to conduct a fatal flaw analysis on a copper and molybdenum property in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The assignment included reviewing Soviet era exploration data, mining methods, and the proposed metallurgical extraction technologies. (848682)

Project: Privatization Fairness Review
Commodity: Copper, Cobalt
Location: DRC

Behre Dolbear was engaged to review the privatization process that led to the acquisition of the previously mined Kamoto property on the Congolese copper belt from the state of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Following the acquisition, NGO activity generated considerable negative press regarding the terms of the acquisition and its impact on the people of the DRC. Behre Dolbear reviewed the privatization process and contracts between the Government and the company and assessed the impact that development of the mine would have on the surrounding community and on the DRC as a whole. (849481)

Project: Valuation of Non-Geothermal Resources
Commodity: Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver, Uranium, Industrial Minerals
Location: New Mexico, United States

Behre Dolbear was engaged by a legal firm to conduct a valuation of the mineral interests at a copper deposit in New Mexico. The valuation was used to assist the legal firm in their negotiations regarding the sale of the outstanding mineral interests to the federal government pursuant to the “Valles Caldera Preservation Act” and subsequent condemnation of the outstanding mineral interests. (848866)

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