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Project: Comprehensive Fuel Supply Review
Commodity: Coal
Location: Thailand

As subcontractor to a large energy-consulting firm, Behre Dolbear conducted a 15-month performance review and operations improvement study at the 18 million tonne per year Mae Moh surface lignite mine. The consulting firm’s client was the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Mae Moh Mine supplies fuel to the generating complex that produces 25 percent of Thailand’s electricity. EGAT commissioned this advisory work as part of Thailand’s approach to privatization of its electric power industry. Adopting the perspective of a potential acquirer, Behre Dolbear submitted an extensive analysis of the operations, specifically delineating areas for improvement of operational and managerial efficiency.

Project: Due Diligence Review and Audit
Commodity: Coal
Location: Colombia

Behre Dolbear was engaged to conduct a due diligence study of the El Triangulo/La Franca II coal property resources. The El Triangulo/La Franca II coal property is an undeveloped property situated among surrounding coal producing properties. The coal resources of the property consist of a multiplicity of relatively narrow coal seams separated by fairly thick rock partings. The purpose of the engagement was an audit of the resource estimation of the coal deposits presently being developed by another consultant. Behre Dolbear also provided a critical overview of the property as to its potential to commercially produce an annual 2,000,000 tonnes of thermal coal to be utilized by an international gold producer to produce electricity for its mining operations. (787460)

Project: Fatal Flaw Analysis
Commodity: Coal
Location: Inner Mongolia, China

Behre Dolbear was engaged by an international financial institution to conduct a fatal flaw analysis of active and proposed coal mines in Inner Mongolia, China. The purpose of the analysis was to provide information on the critical mass of traffic necessary to justify a US$1.4 billion toll road being constructed in the region. Behre Dolbear was also asked to determine if the coal mines in the region have sufficient business potential to support the road’s operation. (846213)

Project: Long-Term Coal Property Management Advisories for U.S. BLM
Commodity: Coal
Location: United States

Behre Dolbear was engaged by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to evaluate past performance, current operations, and life-of-mine plans at four extensive underground coal mines producing from federal lands in the western United States. The studies focused on delineation of coal resources and calculation of the coal reserve base; historical mining activity and extraction rates; producer performance under BLM leases; coal quality, coal marketing, and long-term coal pricing projections; historical and projected capital and operating costs for the mines; supply and demand patterns that will impact short-term and long-term production; safety and environmental issues; possible revisions or modifications to BLM’s contracts with the producers; and development of a comprehensive strategic plan for the entire coal-producing region.

Project: Review of Reserves and Plans for Underground Mining
Commodity: Coal
Location: Mexico

Behre Dolbear reviewed and updated previously established coal reserve studies and developed comprehensive plans for cost-effective exploitation of the coal resources controlled by a mining company in Mexico. Behre Dolbear also optimized the company’s plans for existing and proposed coal mines, including four large underground operations. Behre Dolbear also reviewed the current and forecast coal supply and demand balances and provided advice with regard to the timing of production increases and the expenditures of capital associated with facility expansion.

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