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ABCs of Mining

Behre Dolbear will offer the ABCs of Mining in Toronto February 28 and March 1, 2013

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Below is the basic overview of the courses we will be offering for this two-day conference:

This program is an overview of the fundamentals of the mining industry with an emphasis on the Business of Mining. Participants will learn mining terminology, how mineral deposits are modeled, how ore reserves are estimated, mining and processing methods, and the daunting challenges facing mining companies in today’s business climate.

The ABCs of Mining topics will be presented by Behre Dolbear professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our professionals are successful senior-level mining executives who can provide valuable information and perspectives for all phases of the mining industry from exploration through closure. This is an opportunity to talk with some of the foremost mining experts in the world and gain an appreciation for the inner workings of the mining industry.

Comments From Participants

“This is a PERFECT course for professionals to learn/improve the professional content/context for the Mining Business”

“Your presenters are very enthusiastic and truly love the industry”


“I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your great hospitality – it has been a thoroughly informative and enjoyable experience.”

“I can say that your seminar was professional, well-organized, rich in content and given by a wonderful group of talented people.”

  Overview of Topics

 State of the Global Mining Industry
To start things off right, the current state of the mining industry is presented by a senior Behre Dolbear consultant, so each participant begins the course from a common base.

Mineral Exploration: Wealth Creation
Attendees will learn basic geological terms and visually link to real-world examples. Participants will then understand the risks/ rewards associated with exploration from the first-hand experiences of a Behre Dolbear consultant.

Resource and Reserve Classification Systems
Participants will understand the need to calculate and differentiate between a resource and a reserve. They will also gain a basic understanding of the “logic” behind the need for an international standard for communicating potential to the investment community.

Feasibility Studies and the Due Diligence Process
Participants will learn how to differentiate between types of feasibility studies and how to ensure investment opportunities are not overstated. Attendees will also learn first-hand about the impact of a major failure to conform with costs projected in the feasibility study and the impact on corporate image and investor trust.

The World of Underground Mining
Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of underground mining activities. Upon completion of the section they will not be “afraid” to go into the “dark.”

Open Pit Mining Methods and Cost
Here, attendees will become acquainted with the basics of open pit techniques. Upon completion they will understand the differences in techniques and the cost of this type mining. Participants will also gain an appreciation for the size of equipment and associated costs through the use of visuals from numerous Behre Dolbear client sites.

Mineral Processing
In this session, participants will understand the fundamentals of mineral processing. They will learn terms and methods and will be provided with a virtual “hands-on” experience through the eyes of the consultant. Upon completion of this section, attendees will gain an appreciation for the complexity associated with this aspect of the mining process and discover how value is actually created.

The Valuation of Mineral Properties
Participants will gain knowledge on valuation methods such as VALMIN, CIMVAL and SAMVAL for properties ranging from exploration stage, development stage, those in production, as well as entire corporate entities.

Political Risks in Mining
Behre Dolbear presents a paper annually that includes the research and the experience of their professionals on investment in 25 countries of the world and the associated political risk. During this segment of the training Behre Dolbear consultants will define the methods used, the rationale and the outcome of the survey for 2012. As with all subjects, vigorous debate and discussion are expected and applauded.


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