Behre Dolbear Group

Behre Dolbear Management Consulting, Inc.

Behre Dolbear Management Consulting, Inc., offers services that complement the Firm’s technical advisory services and are tailored to help client companies realize their potential in becoming more effective and efficient in today’s increasingly complex business environment.

Focusing on Results

Behre Dolbear Management Consulting works closely with our clients’ management personnel to identify and evaluate opportunities to increase the bottom line. Management Consulting is committed to providing our clients with a professional service team of the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

Experienced Advisers

Behre Dolbear Management Consulting, Inc., utilizes professionals who have run some of the most prestigious minerals companies in the world. Our professionals combine industry expertise with functional experience and knowledge to assist clients in the achievement of improved performance and competitive advantage. Our personnel are unique because they have:

  • Served as executives and managers in the natural resource industry and have run significant mining operations around the world
  • Provided extensive industry experience in their functional expertise and have collectively accrued thousands of man-years in the natural resource industry
  • Provided an intimate understanding and knowledge of the natural resource industry as a result of careers in the industry
  • Have experience as leaders in corporate and industry roles
  • Possess gained knowledge throughout their careers that allows them to avoid operational and managerial mistakes that a client wants to avoid

We KNOW the BUSINESS of MiningSM.