Behre Dolbear Group

Letter from the President

We at Behre Dolbear design each project team to meet our client’s needs, using professionals with the specific experience needed to successfully complete assignments. Our professionals have first-hand experience in senior management and executive-level positions within the mining industry and are familiar with the intricacies of project development, financing, mergers, acquisitions, and privatizations. Our associates are based across the globe, giving them practical and insightful knowledge and skills not only to the mineral but in the regions in which it exists. For this reason each office and business can draw upon associates from across the globe to assure that the best-qualified professionals are assigned to a client.

Our commercially experienced mineral industry professionals give our company and its reports unparalleled credibility with the world’s major finance organizations. The international mining and financial communities recognize our reports as being among the most accurate and reliable documents in the industry. By engaging Behre Dolbear, our clients gain access to a world-class consulting group, whose studies and reports have international credibility and acceptability.

We appreciate your interest in Behre Dolbear. Please contact one of our offices so that we may assist with your mineral project.



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